Coaching and Consulting

Landon does executive coaching and team building retreats for companies. His emphasis is on people waking up to themselves and taking responsibility for their results in life and on the job.

Landon and his wife, Diane, conduct training/coaching weekends for couples on their property in Nevada City, California. In addition, they coach individuals and couples over more extended periods of time. Diane and Landon are co-authors of the book, Falling in Love Backwards: An Unlikely Tale of Happily Ever.

The intention of their trainings and coaching is to insure that couples and individuals understand and become competent in the techniques and practices of effectively dealing with the upsets and issues that arise in any intimate relationship. This methodology leads to deeper connection and more personal freedom – to happiness rather than the opposite. It is the process of using the relationship as the vehicle for enlightenment and gaining mastery of life.

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