Along with coaching and mentoring both corporate and individual clients, Landon has authored and published three books.

Living Awake is the manual for how to be a human BEING that we all should have received as we began life’s miraculous journey. But since we didn’t, it is essential reading for all those who wish to transform their everyday lives and especially their relationships, creating more joy and fulfillment.
 Falling In Love Backwards Front Cover “Falling in Love Backwards is a profound testament to the power of telling the truth, listening to your heart (even when your mind doesn’t agree) and bravely stepping into your future. With rare and raw courage, the authors give you a road map to real intimacy, with honesty and grace. I love this book and highly recommend it.”- Denise Linn, best selling author of Sacred Space 
 Awakened Relationship The Awakened Relationship is the “how to” handbook summarizing, as it pertains to relationships, the main points from my previous two books. If you’re committed to conscious evolution and a deep, intimate relationship, we can teach you how to structure your relationship so it becomes the vehicle for both. We promise to show you how to end arguments, blame, and upsets and to create more connection and love. In the process, you will experience an increase in personal freedom and space to just be yourself.